Shadowrun Sumner

Frozen World - chapterhouse host
Sonata hacks all the things

Sonata and her band of loyal sprites got to the paydata in the UB's Redmond chapterhouse host. She took a beating but confirmed the location of the necklace, obtained more information about Victoria, and a picked up 125K nuyen cash stash.


Back to Madame Ulishia's
I'm not saying it is insect spirits...............
Bambra's office
many bullets

The team goes to Victoria's address in the Redmond Barrens. There they find a mercenary landlord. But they also discover that Victory befriended a shut-in troll (with many cats). From him they learned of Madame Ulishia and Victoria's many interactions with the psychic (about a two year period). 

Going to Madame Ulishia's, they discover that charging for information is a character trait of all the residents of the Barrens. However, through this interaction the team learns that the private detective following Victoria is named Patrick Bambra (as he spoke to Ulishia). 

Following up on this lead takes the team to Bambra's office, where much exposition was exposed. In particular, the team learns that Simpson's wife was the one that contracted Bambra to follow her husband. Through Bambra's file, they learn that he too became infatuated with Victoria. 

Shortly after the team finished exposing all the exposition, the ganger kids that were hanging around outside fished out their machine pistols with APDS ammo and attacked the team. Nikolai (sp?) levitated Vincent, Hud and himself from the third story window down to the ground to escape.  Lacey pulled off another amazing physical stunt by landing from a 10 meter fall with no damage. Parkour, anyone?

The team was caught without their weapons and other combat gear. Nikolai  was almost killed, Vincent took substantial damage and Hud was also hurt. The team grabbed Nikolai and raced away in to meet Sonata for some emergency medical care. 


Changing Ownership of the Tractor
A night at the junkyard

Vincent is contacted by Eric for a mission for both the Firewall and KE. 

Vincent successfully negotiates an 800 nuyen raise on the initial proposed offer. 

The team is provide a DR 3 RCC to assist with the mission. 

The team drives out to the location of junk yard where the tractor is location. They cut a hole in the fence (such as it is) and sneak into the yard. However, the yard is being patrolled by 'novices' of the Red Hot Nukes as part of their membership initiation. Hud, Lacey, and Nikolai, trip over some car parts and make some noise. One of the initiative, Josh, hears the noise and shines a light from his commlink over the area where Lacy, Hud, and Nikolai are standing.

Sonata glitched the commlink and shutoff its light. 

Initiative was rolled.

Long story short, Hud and Nikolai are not so great at melee combat and Lacey finds out that dwarves are tough little buggers.

However, one very notiable event was Lacey's success with a called shot to Josh's jaw, dislocating it and silencing him.  Eventually, the team subdues Josh, restrains him and Nikolai levitates him through the junk yard where Vincent picks him up and puts him in the trunk. 

Nikolai casts an illusion over the tractor and Hud gets to work. Between Hud and Sonata's awesome machine sprint, Hud finishes changing ownership of the tractor at around 5 AM. 

The team exits the junk yard and drops off Josh into the care of Eric Turely so that Josh can be held until the mission is completed. 

end of session…………….



Hijack the Truck
Closing out previous arc, downtime and advancement

You have successfully broken the link between Nyarlathotep's reality and yours. This has the side-effect of destroy the essence of Isabella and all other victims of the house on Spooner Street.  It is now just a partially burnt, mundane house.

A-Cell congratulates you on a job well-done and has handed out nuyen rewards. I have handed out the karma rewards. 

The goal is to get through downtime and any character advancement and then start the next mission. 


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