Shadowrun Sumner

Bambra's office

many bullets

The team goes to Victoria's address in the Redmond Barrens. There they find a mercenary landlord. But they also discover that Victory befriended a shut-in troll (with many cats). From him they learned of Madame Ulishia and Victoria's many interactions with the psychic (about a two year period). 

Going to Madame Ulishia's, they discover that charging for information is a character trait of all the residents of the Barrens. However, through this interaction the team learns that the private detective following Victoria is named Patrick Bambra (as he spoke to Ulishia). 

Following up on this lead takes the team to Bambra's office, where much exposition was exposed. In particular, the team learns that Simpson's wife was the one that contracted Bambra to follow her husband. Through Bambra's file, they learn that he too became infatuated with Victoria. 

Shortly after the team finished exposing all the exposition, the ganger kids that were hanging around outside fished out their machine pistols with APDS ammo and attacked the team. Nikolai (sp?) levitated Vincent, Hud and himself from the third story window down to the ground to escape.  Lacey pulled off another amazing physical stunt by landing from a 10 meter fall with no damage. Parkour, anyone?

The team was caught without their weapons and other combat gear. Nikolai  was almost killed, Vincent took substantial damage and Hud was also hurt. The team grabbed Nikolai and raced away in to meet Sonata for some emergency medical care. 




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