Shadowrun Sumner

Changing Ownership of the Tractor

A night at the junkyard

Vincent is contacted by Eric for a mission for both the Firewall and KE. 

Vincent successfully negotiates an 800 nuyen raise on the initial proposed offer. 

The team is provide a DR 3 RCC to assist with the mission. 

The team drives out to the location of junk yard where the tractor is location. They cut a hole in the fence (such as it is) and sneak into the yard. However, the yard is being patrolled by 'novices' of the Red Hot Nukes as part of their membership initiation. Hud, Lacey, and Nikolai, trip over some car parts and make some noise. One of the initiative, Josh, hears the noise and shines a light from his commlink over the area where Lacy, Hud, and Nikolai are standing.

Sonata glitched the commlink and shutoff its light. 

Initiative was rolled.

Long story short, Hud and Nikolai are not so great at melee combat and Lacey finds out that dwarves are tough little buggers.

However, one very notiable event was Lacey's success with a called shot to Josh's jaw, dislocating it and silencing him.  Eventually, the team subdues Josh, restrains him and Nikolai levitates him through the junk yard where Vincent picks him up and puts him in the trunk. 

Nikolai casts an illusion over the tractor and Hud gets to work. Between Hud and Sonata's awesome machine sprint, Hud finishes changing ownership of the tractor at around 5 AM. 

The team exits the junk yard and drops off Josh into the care of Eric Turely so that Josh can be held until the mission is completed. 

end of session…………….





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